Since 1922 explores the best of the sea.


Whole fish at all.


The explorer of the seas
from Sicily to the spanish coasts and beyond…

Man has always get from the sea, weaving his own traditions into it.

The love for the sea and the search for quality, combined with the spirit of the explorer, have meant that Orlando has always selected the best, to bring to your table the genuine, refined and authentic taste of fish for what it is.

The best fish and that’s it. Whole fish at all.

Knowledge and flavors from the seas

The sea is the backdrop against which the story of the Orlando family takes place, which join two traditions, two souls and two families.

Orlando for all your tasteful occasions

What makes us unique

All Orlando products arise in the name of tradition, knowledge and love for the sea.

The tradition is that of Sicilian canning art.

The know-how has been handed down for three generations and allows us to consciously select the best catch from all the seas.

Our products

Orlando range represents a real family, different members each with their own peculiarities.
Orlando is keen to spread fish culture and raise awareness of the different nuances of taste and consistency that exist between the various species. For this reason you will find, for example, bonito, a less ‘beaten’ fish but equally rich in taste and nutritional value, mackerel, albacore tuna, in different preserving liquids to meet your different needs and at the same time bring out the best the flavor and texture of the meat.

Respect for the sea

Orlando family has always get from the sea and knows well how precious its habitat is and how much it can give to our environmental system if respected.
Orlando knows that he must enforce the fishing quotas necessary for some species, Orlando chooses tuna fished without risk to dolphins, and promotes initiatives aimed at maintaining the marine ecosystem safe.

Orlando recipes

A genuine and authentic taste for your table

Every occasion is a good one to open an Orlando can !