what makes
Orlando unique

what makes
Orlando unique

Our strenghts

With the merger of Orlando into the Glatz group, which took place in 2022, value was added.
Two family companies that have found themselves with the common goal of offering excellence.

Two industrial groups who care about production, the careful choice of raw materials, who have found themselves to continue aiming for high quality.

Focus on two strategic categories:

  • Yellow fin tuna fillets in olive oil

    Carefully selected based on strict protocols requested from the supplier, they must be treated as little as possible in order to maintain intact their organoleptic properties.

  • Anchovy in olive oil

    Mediterranean anchovies, Engraulis Encrasicholus, Cleaned, prepared, salted by master salters, custodians of the secret of a thousand-year-old craft according to Sicilian tradition, we select these delicious anchovies mostly in Sicily, where fishing can offer us sizes with an intense flavor and firm consistency.



Whole fish at all:

  • Only intact fish inside

  • High standards

    We require high standards from our suppliers, in order to present our consumers carefully processed fish, intact in their consistency and properties.

We’re a proved experience group:

  • Main activity

    Our main business is canned fish, and we own 2 factories in Spain and Portugal.

  • Different culture

    Sharing different cultures enriches us professionally and personally, externally and internally.

  • Open mind

    We are open to market changes and recognize new opportunities that may arise as a result. ize new opportunities that may arise as a result.



Fundamental values of excellence, care and tradition transmitted from father to son:

  • From father to son

    We are now in the fourth generation, since Salvatore Orlando left Sicily, bringing with him the culture of Sicilian salting, towards the fishing regions of the north of Spain.
    Just as the entrepreneurial history of the Glatz family of which we are now part is in its fourth generation.
    An adventure, which was articulated in the food sector more widely and in particular in the preserving anchovies, tuna, mackerel, sardines, exploring the riches of the sea; always accompanied by great passion and attention to quality.
    Great passion and knowledge that was also transmitted viscerally from father to son.