Albacore tuna in olive oil glass jar 190g

filetto di tonno alalunga in olio di oliva
simbolo olio

Hand-worked Alalunga tuna (thunnus alalunga) fillets in olive oil. Albacore tuna, known in Spain as Bonito del Norte, is the most popular of all tunas. Its excellent flavour, a unique tuna due to its particular light pink color and the lower content of fatty substances in its tender meat, half of which, a characteristic which makes it excel among the Thunnus, is made up of essential omega-3 fatty acids, useful allies for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
The processing of whole fish and the placing into jars is carried out by hand by expert personnel, in order to guarantee the maintenance and emphasis of the peculiar organoleptic characteristics of this delicate meat.

Glass jar

12 pieces


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