Mackerel fillets
in extra virgin organic oil
190g glass jar

filetto di sgombro in olio extra vergine di oliva biologico
simbolo bio

Mackerel (scomber scombrus), another fish from the Scombridae family with high nutritional value. As all other species belonging to the oily fish family, mackerel is also particularly rich in omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, great protection against cardiovascular diseases. Always in large percentages, proteins with high biological value.
In addition to the above, the abundant presence of “good” fats gives the meat a characteristic, strong and tasty flavour. Mackerel is also rich in easily digestible proteins and has a modest caloric intake, as well as a significant presence of minerals and vitamins.
The processing of whole fish and the placing into jars is carried out by hand by expert personnel, in order to guarantee the maintenance and emphasis of the peculiar organoleptic characteristics of this meat.

Organic olive oil, which constitutes 25% of this product, is obtained from the use of plants used exclusively for the transformation of “organically grown” products. The olives for the production of this oil must be collected in such a way as not to compromise their quality. Its aroma is strong, the taste is marked, and the combination with the characteristic flavor of mackerel meat is surprising.
Control, health, but, above all, a unique meeting of tastes.

glass jar

12 pieces


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